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As I am largely photographing for my own pleasure, and not on a commercial basis. It seems reasonable therefore to allow pricing that enables people to enjoy my work for an amount that suits their financial situation and reflects the value of the image(s) to them.

I, therefore, charge on a Donation only, basis. For Prints, CD's and any item with a physical value, I will supply a minimum price to cover my costs (Covers: Production costs, P&P, Payment processing charges), and leave the actual price paid up to the customer. For Digital downloads, there was no minimum but due to some people abusing my leniency, I am having to enforce a minimum charge of £5. As with the prints, I otherwise leave it to you to pay what you think they are worth to you and can afford.

To order please supply me with the image reference(s) and size(s) required for printed media. For digital copies I will need the image references (start and end of a sequence of shots, or individual images), I will then supply images in high resolution and web ready versions. Digital images and video can be supplied on CD or as a download.

Once I have the above information I will the supply the minimum cost if any, and available payment methods. It is, uneconomic for me to accept cheques (it is too costly in fuel and time to bank them), sorry about that.

For prints, I take care processing each individual image for the best possible end result, using professional quality inks and paper. Usually far better quality than online printing services.

Available print sizes 6x4, 7x5, 8x6, 9x6, 10x8, A4, A3 and 6x4 Postcards (supplied in 5's, minimum order 15), other sizes and products by request.

As I am only charging on a donation basis, there will be a charge for event organisers whanting me to cover their event, to help cover my fuel costs. This will be 25 pence per mile from my home address.

Tel: + 44 1508 578655
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