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I'm Back.

Tokyo or Bust
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I have bee silent for a while, only because I struggled throughout June, no improvement, little positive to say.

That has all changed now. Two weeks ago I started training twice a week, as I felt that once just didn't cut the mustard. It helped that a new member, Chris, wanted to shoot more than once a week. I had been struggling to find times that suited me and the range was open. There was a quick improvement, groups getting smaller without an increase in my Personal Best but generally higher scores.

Last week end I made the trip to Stoke Mandeville. The GB squad was there, which was nice to see. I was determined to worry my PB. Saturday I just kept throwing lead and made small adjustments to my approach, there were nice groups in the black but also a few wild shots to spoil the party.

Sunday I felt somewhat confident, so I let it be known that I was looking to improve my PB. I was agonisingly close quite a few times but no cigar. just before the finish, the 15-minute warning was called. I thought I would try going back to my old sighting approach to see if it held and interest. It was worse so ditched that idea and went beck to my new approach, going down through the black and hitting my aiming point from below.

Better but still no joy, almost resigned to not achieving my goal I started to attack the last card. That looks and feels good I thought, must keep that going. When I sent my last pellet down the range and brought. Much to my delight, there was a large hole in the bull, made up of five shots. Nothing outside the black, smile. Now the acid test. Five tens that's 50, two nines that's 18, two eights that's 16 and just one seven. TOTAL 91, not only had I bettered me PB I had scored one more to take me over 90, I think? Handed my card to the range officer, Damian, for checking and the answer came back 91. Yeeeeeeees I'M BACK. Look out the British and National Championships I coming to get you!

The even better bit, is the fact that the 89 was shortly after I started at the end of last year. I was a flook at best. Now I am getting the scores with control and knowledge.

Have now lined up a SCATT session on Tuesday with my coach. SCATT is a lazer system to give an accurate breakdown of how you shoot. Should be interesting.

More updates soon. Bye for now.

That's the way to do it!

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