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How many tweeks are there in shooting an Air Pistol

Tokyo or Bust
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It's amazing. I am now constantly asking myself this question now. Just when I think I have tackled all the points to consider when taking a shot or shots, another appears.

I have been trying to work out why I have days when I get wildly stray shots, although I do get strays every day to some degree. I thought that I had covered all the points to consider, then to my amazement Carole (my coach) comes up with another.

This time it's my trigger. How far I take up the first pressure then, how far the trigger travels AFTER the shot. This means that I have had to completely readjust my trigger configuration. Now I have to get used to the new travel, before and after the shot.

There's always something !!

I had applied to shoot in the Pistol Championships a Bisly on the 23rd-24th September. Learned this week that it has been canceled, due to lack of entries. It's a real shame as I needed the experience of more competitions, to combat my nerves in those situations. They have however granted all those who entered free access to the competition hall over that weekend. Think I'll go and use the facilities to acclimatise myself to the situation and the electronic targets.

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