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First Competition

Tokyo or Bust
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My room for the night, prior to the competition, basic but warm and comfitable, if a bit noisy.

First competition at Bisley National Championships last weekend, I let myself and all my supporters down badly.

My scores were lower than I can remember. I had been obtaining 480 ish in training (10 x 6 shots = 600) but only managed 418 and 426, missing the target on a number of occasions. Absolutely mortified when I saw the first set of results, LAST and forty points less than the next score, never been last in anything in my whole life.

My weapon of choice, still waiting for a new grip to fit my hand better (not an excuse).

Not something I can quantify. In the run up to the competition I was Happy, Relaxed, Rested and even Optimistic.

It went pear shaped when I started taking my sighting shots. I picked up my first pellet and immediately started shaking and dropped it. After that I couldn’t get myself relaxed and so it continued right through the first session.

The second session started much better with my second set of ten shots scoring 82, I looked round to share my change of fortunes with my coach, only to see she wasn’t there. This seemed to pray on my mind and I never managed to capitalise on the improvement.

This (84) or better is what I was expecting to do per 10 shots x 6.

Next competition in two weeks at Stoke Mandaville. Got to pick myself up of the ground and train on Wednesday.

I netted just over £200 with my Crowdfunder Campaign, so I can at least give the promised 20% to the club, £41 that will be a boost.

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