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Managed to finish customising the grip, in time for a training session on Saturday.


Little scruffy at the moment, needs treating. But very comfortable.

Initially had problems with the sights, so had to zero them and readjust from the previous basic settings. After that, I made a few of tweaks. This coupled with my new grip, the pistol is now feeling like an extension of my arm, I am now hopeful of further improvements.


Not quite Equal to or better than PB but getting there again.

I will be using the SCATT, in a coaching session, again this week (if it decides to work) it should highlight some minor changes needed to constantly shoot targets as good or better than the one above.

All that is really needed is to tighten the group size and keep it constant. Must remember that the last change I made, made the biggest improvement to my feeling more in control, so SIT UP STRAIGHT and BREATH. I also managed to improve my triggering, the grip went a long way to allow this to happen.

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