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At Last, Something to Crow About

Tokyo or Bust
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Major Steps This Week.

Not had much to say for some time but today that's all changed.

Less than a month ago I changed my pistol format. I had a short Air Cylinder vertically mounted but was having problems getting a steady hold on the aiming point. On the suggestion of Phil, a coach at Stoke Mandeville Open Training Weekend, I went back to a conventionally mounted cylinder, horizontally mounted under the barrel.

On Tuesday I had a 121 SCATT (electronic target) training session. It must have worked, I then completed a 40 shot postal competition and scored 341 out of a possible 400. That equates to 511 out of a 60 (600 point) shot series, then today I decided to do a 60 shot training session and scored 515. That's two personal bests, in a week, by a long way.

Seems like after all this time and effort things are starting to click.

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