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Another Training Session, more improvement.

Tokyo or Bust
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Tweaks & Changes

Now two weeks after the Nationals debacle, making a few changes suggested by other shooters. Some worked, some not feasible, but still tiny steps forward.

My main problem is nerves, not in training but in competition. This I must get help with, and work on. I will be attending a Training Weekend at Stoke Manderville in mid-April, I should be able to pick up loads of useful information there.

My son is shooting with me at the moment, guess what, he beats me in a game of tennis (with pistols), this is my target at the moment. If I can beat him regularly, my shooting will have improved markedly and will be more consistent. Last time it looked if my shooting was much better until I found out that a modification I had made to my pistol wasn't legal, so had to take it off, YUK, shots went all over the place.

Far from being down in the mouth, I am even more determined to succeed.

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